Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Solar wind was blowing bad lawyers: the responsibility of manufacturers - solar energy, the quality - Business

july 30 this year the storm hit the home of mr qin quot god quot card heaters to the scratch mr qin found that installers do not follow the installation instructions to act leading to this result mr qin told reporters that he lived in tucheng first yuhua village in december 2002 his family bought a quot god quot heaters at 14 o 39 clock on the july 30th or so too after the passage of a storm the roof on their own heater is broken his view found on the roof then quot god quot to install heaters work just a bit with wire simple fixed simply can not resist strong wind and they the building only his family 39 s was bad wind to do this and he has photographed the picture the next day he called sell quot heaven quot heaters are industry and trade co ltd nanjing macro unexpectedly a staff member said that natural disasters is not under warranty they are not responsible in desperation he had complained to the consumers association the consumers association 39 s efforts quot heaven quot promised to give his family the replacement of a new heater but only on condition that he must pay half the market price which is 900 yuan he can not think factory installed negligence led to was blown bad why should he bear the loss macros are industry and trade co ltd nanjing one of mr zhang explained that two years ago when the installers to install solar mr qin did not object to the installation there is sign it as evidence with storm belong to natural disasters resulting in solar is bad wind which is not associated with product quality not covered under warranty they do not take responsibility yesterday afternoon reporters and industry and trade co ltd nanjing macros are in contact again the company says wang who had telephone contact and mr qin and agree to his solar for free repair lawyers comments in the department of law services the nanjing branch lawyers said zhang yue 2 years ago mr qin installation to confirm the signing only to prove acts of workers to co mplete installation the installation of solar s the quality safety level as strong as they could not be confirmed factories to households signed as a non claim is untenable mr qin residents lived in brush he is the only one solar water heater was bad wind shows large wind though but have not yet reached quot force majeure quot level because quot god quot is not in strict accordance with product installers to carry out the installation instructions resulting in water heater wind was blowing bad if the solar water heater is still within the warranty time the responsibility should be borne by the manufacturer mr qin complaints by consumer associations or directly to the people 39 s court proceedings provided that mr qin evidence that defects in the installation of solar water heaters