Thursday, February 09, 2012

The end of the world in 2012 - Spirituality

As we inch towards 2012, is the fear of the apocalypse for 2012 more deeply rooted in the minds of millions of people worldwide. One of the theory is polar shift to 2012 the end of the world Everyone is responsible for the disaster and may cause the end of the world - and some pray for all the powerful and the collection of some of the things they need to survive the apocalypse, of course. Is the world ending in 2012 is an issue that millions of white nights recently, but since not many people really know how it all began. People are starting to worry about the 2012 the end of the world in 2012 During his time at the end of 2012, the world has a long way to a big phenomenon by the lack of critical thinking, false beliefs, assumptions and forecasts made waves illogical, is fueled from antiquity to come.

Will the world end in 2012?

Many theories have been of scientists, historians and religious texts, the man to ask, have been charged - the world will end in 2012? 2012 the end of the world predictions are based upon the balance of karma of mankindIf not, what all the fuss. For the answer to this question you need to go back in history, and discover how the concept of the end of 2012, the world came into existence. Here are some assumptions that people think about one of the most publicized issues of our time - the end of the world in 2012?

Mayan prophecy of the great timesIn an extension number, we have the Mayan prophecy that the end of the world says the same around the corner - 21 December 2012, to be exact. The Maya civilization was one of the most advanced civilizations in the history of mankind. As per predictions something wrong can happen on 2012 the end of the world day The Maya were well versed in the field of astronomy and used the same skills in order to develop the schedule length. The 1,872,000 days, is the Long Count calendar raised 5125.37 years. It was fifth period of the equinoxes - which happens over a period of 25,695 years. Based on these calculations, the Maya life on Earth is divided into five periods - each of which should end in disaster. The 2012 the end of the world facts covers a superabundance of specific subjects and theories According to the same prophecy that the fifth and final part of the great time he was supposed to be a disaster, which eventually marked the end of the wor ld believed the end. If you are wondering when the end of the world can have no fun at all, but the current "age" is the last of the five major stages, depending on the Mayan calendar. Maya calculations have always been close to reality, and this has led historians to believe that the world end in 2012. Nostradamus 2012 the end of the world predictions can be worth

Geomagnetic reversalGeomagnetic reversal, also known as Polar Shift (quite wrongly), is another phenomenon that apparently has the ability to be a catastrophic disaster that can cause the end of the world. According to scientific estimates indicate that the planet's geomagnetic reversal 750,000 years each. There was even a forecast that the 2012 the end of the world will be in 2000 but it never happened The last time this happened was 780,000 years old, which means that we are too late for one. Proponents of this theory called the magnetic field of the earth began to weaken in order to substantiate their claim. There is no doubt that the earth is the geomagnetic reversal, but it is an event that will happen in one day. All people are wondering about 2012 the end of the worldIt does take about 5000 years, and that a geomagnetic reversal is a long time.

Solar stormsSome people report that the geomagnetic reversal actually caused by super-solar flare - a sudden eruption of intense radiation from the sun. The intense solar radiation and weak magnetic field will result in a combined end of life on the planet. There are similar scenarios for the 2012 the end of the worldThose who this event is the end of the state of world affairs highlight believe increased solar storms on the sun have is evidence of an impending disaster. What these people do not know is that the solar maximum will be at its peak in 2013 and 2012, and even at its peak, the intensity of it is inappropriate to be much lower compared to this phenomenon. Mayan calendar has suddenly end on December 21, 2012 as evidence, the 2012 the end of the world can be trueMore importantly, there is no scientific evidence that the maximum solar and geomagnetic reversal relate to one another.

Planet X CollisionThis is probably one of the most talked about topic in cyberspace, and its origin goes back to 90 when some sites reported that a planet called Nibiru or "Planet X" was heading to our planet. It was alleged that the collision of two planets will bring the world to an end eventually. Mayans are the uttermost special origin for this 2012 the end of the world 2012.The fact is that there is no such planet Nibiru or Planet X announced - and this was confirmed by NASA itself. There is only one of several hoax calls that have flooded the Internet in the past. If there is a planet such as NASA and other space exploration have to keep track of and efforts made to date to avoid disasters. Everyone wants to know when 2012 the end of the world is going to happen?Interestingly, the same planet Nibiru collision was planned for 2003, but did not take place and therefore the people behind this scam seem to have postponed the date of 2012.

Other possible reasonsWhile it is the most common reasons, there are also many other reasons that people believe that we are heading towards the end of the world made. Many people believe that the apocalypse in 2012, religious texts only for their relationship. 2012 will probably come and go like any other year but not 2012 the end of the world Apart from the misinterpretation of religious texts, are the predictions of astrologers, seers, soothsayers, fortune tellers, etc. for the meals of the myth. An example of this is Nostradamus' predictions about the end of 2012, the world in which he stated that in 2012 many natural disasters that occur simultaneously and lead the world to mark the end. All people are wondering about 2012 the end of the world

The world really end in 2012?

Of course not! A critical assessment of the reasons mentioned above shows that Doom 12/21/2012 magic after all. No doubt that the Maya amazing with the calculations, but were never predicted the end of the world. That the Long Count Calendar is a simple change of an era 21st December 2012, not the end of the world as people think, are based. Nostradamus 2012 the end of the world predictions can be worth This is sort of a classic case of misinterpretation of the historical data. In 2012, the asteroid 433 Eros - the second largest near-Earth asteroids from Earth at a distance of 17 million miles further. At this distance does not hurt to our planet. The sun will also return to their magnetic poles in 2012 - a cycle that repeats every 11 years. 2012 will probably come and go like any other year but not 2012 the end of the world None of you must have noticed, but the sun cast its last pole in 2001. In 2012, also an annular eclipse (the last of which took place January 15, 2010 ) and the solar transit of Venus (the last one happened in 2004), but neither is the world to end.

These have all your questions about the end of 2012 throughout the world, including the world will end in 2012 and what will happen in 2012, given sleepless nights have answered recently. In short, the idea that the world after a catastrophic disaster, the myth, the blown out of proportion by many people, including some religious leaders and captains of the media, the reality of his interests. Is the 2012 the end of the world really exists In yet created, go to the party on 31 December 2012, the first sleep and wake January 2013 - to believe only on ourselves, in this hoax call on the 2012 the end of the world in laughter.