Monday, February 20, 2012

The strongest solar storms outbreak in five years - Autos

NASA's solar dynamics observation satellite measurements to five years of the most violent

solar radiation outbreak, arrived in earth can cause moderate geomagnetic storms, influence on

earth satellite communication and power supplies. According to the observation of solar

dynamics observation satellite, aside from a small radiation storm outside, the sun eruption

coupled with a flare and a halo material eruption.

The national weather service space weather prediction center project coordinator Cardiff, bill

mourinho tower said: "this time the outbreak started very dramatic." He pointed out that

medium solar flare in 6 at 1am edt 41 points (the GMT at 5 a.m. 41 points) peak. "We first

observed flare scale doesn't big, in the ensuing eruption process, we observed high-energy

particle radiation and large-scale halo material eruption. Can you observed out from the sun

all the material, the surface is very spectacular sight."

The sun dynamics observation satellite launched in 2010, filming the sun outbreaks of high-

definition pictures and video. According to the observation, the sun eruption in visually

spectacular, because of the earth, not positive influence on the earth can be very small. NASA

said in a statement: "rising particle formation huge mushroom, then fell back to the sun to

the surface, seems covered nearly half of the sun to the surface."

Randolph points out, intentions space weather analysts are eyeing the sun eruption, to

determine whether it leads to the sun and earth happened between magnetic field collide. Sun

in about 150 million km distance to the left. He said in an interview with the French media:

"part of our job is to monitor the sun and determine whether an outbreak of substance is

flying to the earth, because the material basically is jet with gas and magnetic. In a day or

two, we will see time some of the substance in the sun injection effect, form the earth. We do

not believe that geomagnetic storms this will be a very severe geomagnetic storms, but

strength can still reach the medium level."

Space weather prediction center, said the sun eruption triggered in 8 small to medium-sized

geomagnetic storms, from about the GMT 18 PM. Any geomagnetic storms activities will end in 24

hours. The national weather service said: "the sun radiation during the storm there are lots

of high-energy protons, this type of activity since since December 2006 was the first


A total of 12 satellite and spacecraft to the moon, NASA surveillance sunlight layer survey of

the instrument to be able to carry the orbiter to radiation that can be measured and analyzed

the influence of. Radiation effects cosmic ray telescope (CRaTER) project chief researcher Hal

orchid spencer said: "CRaTER task two years ago, this is starting to see the most important

event. This is an exciting moment. Ironically, in planning this task, we originally thought

should be in the sun, because acuteness activity peaks launch the solar particles activities

usually in this period. In fact, we in the sun, and the sun tiny period launch activities will

take a long time to revive. This is an interesting and important moment, because all the signs

are that the sun was back to active state."

The sun from an outbreak of geomagnetic storms on earth will affect some of the grid, global

positioning systems use satellites and other equipment, but also will lead to fly over the

polar regions of the flights are over to change course. He said: "normally would not cause

greater destruction, threat within the scope of the controllable. If by jet to Asia, from the

United States over the arctic, you'll find ten flights. Every day is like this. When massive

radiation storm, some airlines will because of safety concerns to change course, away from the

flight to ensure flight polar regions keep communications smooth. The company will also

operating satellites close attention, because geomagnetic storms will in various ways to

interfere with satellite and received signal receiver." NASA says, in 8 evening and 9, polar

regions may also observed aurora borealis and aboard.