Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Can you influence the lottery results using your lucky lottery numbers? - Sports

State-based lotteries are probably the most famous type of gambling which made their way slowly but surely through history, occupying an important place in peoples lives and being that pleasant routine they all need in order to sweeten the harsh daily life. Each mouth, millions of people from all over the world pay significant percents of their incomes for the chance of winning huge amounts of money with their lucky lottery numbers. National lottery influences both poor and wealthy people lives, feeding their hopes about winning the big jackpot and leading their lives into a new and thrilling direction. Either they are state-based or private, lotteries give people the illusion that they are the lucky ones holding in their hands the lucky lottery numbers without any fear of corruption or awareness of the odds, which certainly are not in their favor. Each they wait for the lottery results that are going to chance their lives, making them rich and famous.

Maybe a national lottery provides one of the most addictive types of gambling, but the advantage is that people can wager small amounts of money and the right lottery results provide them the opportunity of winning big dollars and becoming a celebrity. Given the small amounts of money wagered, playing lottery numbers has become a weekly ritual and purchasing tickets is an opportunity of socializing with friends and colleagues and dreaming together about the big day when they are going to receive their prize in the spotlight. But the critical question present in all people minds who are aware about this type of gambling and they are not wager like some robots, is whether or not the results can be influenced and if the answer is positive, how can you find the right lottery numbers. In recent years, there were some strange happenings which intrigued many people and aroused many questions. On the one year anniversary of the tragic day 9/11, in a New York lottery the numbers 9, 1, 1, came up and the same thing happened in Ontario, Canada, one year before.

Therefore, science people wonder if paranormal activities can effect a national lottery and, as a consequence, if they can change the random process of generating the lottery results. This was a challenging research and science people used the probability theory to determine whether the pattern of lottery numbers can be influenced through psychic activities and at the end of this research they came out with three conclusions: the percentage of the correct predictions is changing and its doing it similarly in different countries and, the most interesting part, is that these changes correlates with Earth Geomagnetic Activity on the draw day. The reasons underlying these changes can be explained, al least for the moment, only using parapsychology, which provide us two theories such as the precognition model and the psychokinetic model. The first correlates these changes with the fact that humans can predict future and their predictions are influenced by certain environmental factors and the second is strongly related with the Earth Geomagnetic Activity. This means that the higher is the number of players who bet on the same combination, the powerful is their collective influence and the greater are the chances for that particular combination to draw the lottery results.

This is an interesting theory regarding the national lottery and the lottery results so if science people present a well-defined conclusion and maybe a reliable method of finding the right lottery numbers, we will be able to increase the lottery odds and maybe to win the big jackpot.