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This great article of apocalypse 2012 or survival for 2012.All these major media outlets are all talking about the same thing and how the Mayan Calendar is predicting the end of the world.In fact,the History Channel has aired several programs on this doomsday prediction and linked it with the end-time predictions of Nostradamus,Christianity and others prophetic voices.Who were the Mayan people?The Mayans were a Mesoamerican civilization that lived in the areaof the Yucatan Peninsula.They were a highly sophisticated society,that some say was on par with such other great civilizations as the Sumerians,Egyptians and Babylonians.The Mayan people are skilled in the areas of astronomy,mathematics and architecture.The Mayan calendar was one of the greatest achievements of their civilization.It was even far more accurate than the calendar we use today.What made the Long Count Calendar so remarkable was its ability to measure twosignificant galactic events.Our sun lining up with th e center of the Milky Way.The earth completing its wobble (precession) around it axis.Many of this will happen on December 21st, 2012.(Winter Solstice) The Mayans believed that when this alignment happens evil forces from out of the underworld(hell) will be unleashed upon the earth and bring great havoc.Then the supreme deity will return to earth and herald the start of a new age.Nostradamus was a french astrologer who lived from 1503 to 1566.Some say Nostradamus predicted the rise of Napoleon,Adolf Hitler,both World Wars,Hiroshima,moon landings,the death of Princess Diana and the marriage of Gene and Rezia King.Also predicted World War III of 2012!What the Bible Says: for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.(1Thessalonians 5:2 NIV)"so then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be alert and selfcontrolled.. . . putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet."(1 Thessalonians 5:6-8 NIV)"Remember,therefore,what you have received and heard;obey it and repent.But if you do not wake up,I will come like a thief and you will not know at what time I will come toyou."(Revelation 3:3 NIV) It's decided to share the views on these two topics of 2012 and Atlantis.Some people found that the psychological phenomena around that date is interesting related to 21 December.To me what I find interesting is that people tend to be attracted to doomsday theories with some almost relishing in the excitement.Do some people secretly want the world to be destroyed?I doubt an actual doomsday will be that exciting or welcomed.There was a lot of data found and collected.Nowadays,we need to focus on earthquakes due to the recent devastating quakes in Haiti and Chile.I got data from United States Geological Surveys(USGS) and immediately saw a trend and the graph below details it nicely.After 2000,there is a sharp increase in earthquakes from a century's average of 4.3 large quakes per year.That's a 500%+ increase in large earthquake activity worldwide in the last 11 years.Does this means anything and is it at all related to 2012 doomsday theories?2012 itself means nothing without context to what's happening in the world geologically and possibly how the cosmos is affecting it.Cosmologically,NASA has predicted increased alot of Solar activity climaxing in 2012.Could this increase in Sun activity be causing an increase in earthquakes around the world?We will know it soon once it happens in 2012.The Earth is tied permanently to the Sun,all planets are,so increased fluctuations in the Sun's emitted energy will affect the Earth somehow,not necessarily in earthquakes but let's speculate and assume that the Sun is going through a more violent Solar cycle and it's somehow causing more quakes on Earth.How many large quakes can we predict to happen at this climax of Sun activity in 2012?The graph from those expert people shows a predicted exponential increase t o 140 large quakes for 2012 which is a 3256% increase over the century's average.Predicted worst case scenarios due to increased Sun activity go from almost nothing like temporary communication interruptions to large electronic disruptions to a complete blackout of the electrical grid.Others predict that if 2012 is a real doomsday and related to the Sun that Earth could be torched black by a super massive solar flare.Those expert finds this last scenario unlikely due to the Earth's protective magnetosphere but it's not completely unfounded as something plausible(an increase in radiation and cancer possibly).We can't absolutely predict what the Sun will do.For all we know it might explode tomorrow but the probability of that happening is extremely small.All of science works only in probabilities and estimates.My own plausible worst case scenario would contain an increase in earthquakes,causing possible tsunamis,along with electrical and communication blackouts.It would be glo bal chaos because the earthquakes would disorient many nations and an electric/communication blackout also caused bad consequences to all people in the nations.Some other interesting points and speculative theories: Norwegian government build the "Doomsday" vault to store the worlds seeds in a virtually indestructible bunker in a rock solid mountain with a reported required completion date of 2011.Governments have been actively storing human historical art works and literature in massive salt mine caves,like the UK government. Conspiracy theorists say that most world governments know about a coming catastrophe and are on a massive campaign promoting Emergency contingency measures for their people.Personally I think emergency planning is excellent for all kinds of reasons excluding speculative doomsday theories.Some data shows that planets in our Solar System are getting hotter.Ice caps on Mars are also melting like here on Earth.Some people believe the Earth is expanding due to it getting hotter which could separate the tectonic plates(like in 2012 movie) that would explain why ice caps are melting and why the seasons are a bit mixed. Should we fear 2012?Maybe but we should always be prepared for a disaster and any emergency.What is obviously very interesting are the numbers.There has been an increase in earthquakes in the last decade which is predicted to continue to increase.If disaster strikes,really doubt it will be the end.It will be difficult but if we start fighting each other for selfish needs in times of crisis,everyone surely suffer.In crisis,band together and unite skills and resources so everyone succeeds and has a chance. If communication blackouts do happen,reestablish communication by any means as fast as possible and avoid violence,vote a leader to guide group survival and reconstruction and protect yourself against those who think of only themselves.The astronomers have discovered that our sun will go through a galactic alignme nt that puts us on the same plane as the milky way in 2012 year.Climate change seems inevitable with countless hurricanes,earthquakes and innumerable disasters around the world in recent years.Another great discovery is the psychic words of the Edgar Cayce.He predicts that the time of Atlantis shall return soon.The Hopi Indian elders also predict that there will be a great enlightenment with a great purification of Earth.The Illuminati also have their own 2012 prediction and are preparing for the end of days rapture.The ancient astrologers of many civilizations predicts the end of the Age of Pisces and the start of the Age of Aquarius.Humanity will be moving from the Fourth Age of Man to the Fifth Age of Man.Thus,these 2012 survival guides are here to guide and save your precious life! Besides that,end date for 21 December 2012 of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America.Many related websites,magazine articles and newspaper headlin es debate its meaning,with enthusiasts in 2 camps:those forecasting apocalypse-the end of time and those who see a coming renewal,a rebirth of consciousness.There are many scientists see more events or incidents of natural disasters in recent years as the proof of a catastrophic climax of events in 2012 year.In addition,we have been warned of pole shift by NASA orScientists .Actually,the earth's magnetic pole is about 2 to 3 degrees to the right of true geographic north.Scientists have now confirmed that the magnetic poles has moved even further north and surely will carry on to move causing major concerns.When the magnetic poles continue to shift,can see and observe even more earthly and atmospheric disasters.For more information,please visit website:Survival for 2012

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